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  • 0531-83312222 info@baihuijn.cn
    Experienced partner from prototype to series production for a lot of domestic OEMs
    BHKS Success Chain

         +  Full understanding the client’s requirements
         +  Project information input
         +  Manufacturability analysis
         +  Performance specifications checks
         +  Presentation and determination of the product and process concepts


         +  Product development
         +  Client-specific construction
         +  Design calculations and simulation
         +  Experiments and validation
         +  Process development: Manufacturing processes, assembly sequences,
             measurement and test methods, integrated quality control concepts
         +  Determination of inspection features in the APQP

    Prototype construction
    +  We manufacture custom-made products according to client-specific requirements. It is therefore important to
        work together closely with our clients from our first discussion to delivery. We begin each project with a 
        development concept,which clarifies the individual requirements and the process stages required.In so doing,
        we employ the comprehensive know-how of our development department, which combines experience with
        over 1,000 different types and models of exhaust caps and EGR valves. From the beginning, the knowledge
        of our experts flows into development, validation, manufacturing and assembly, and even into the logistics of 
        the components.

         +  Partial and fully automated assembly
              +  Manufacture of individual parts at the in-plant machining centers
              +  Quality assurance thanks to long-term supplier relationships
              +  Flexible, qualified and highly motivated employees
              +  Modern manufacturing processes and technologies
              +  Cutting-edge assembly machines and cells adjusted to the individual demands of large series production
              +  Manual work stations for precision manufacturing of small-batch series and individual parts, e.g. for
                  manufacturing spare parts
         +  Equipment and tools
              +  In-house production of almost all varieties of clamping devices and processing equipment, such as manual
                 and hydraulic clamping devices, classic drilling, bending and welding devices, clamping and special claws
                 for the casing and throttle valve processing, as well as measuring and testing devices, including, among
                 others,for coordinate measurement machine,spectrometer,spring tensile machine,hardness test machine
              +  Processing, adapting and optimizing tools
              +  Alignment of devices and tools
         +  High manufacturing depth
         +  Logistics concepts customized for the client
         +  Compliance with the FIFO principle


         +  Integrated quality management system
         +  Development and production-supporting quality processes
         +  Application of quality methods (D and P FMEA, PPAP, control plans…)
         +  The most modern fittings with measurement and testing equipment
         +  Constant high level of quality

    Packing & logistics

         +  Individual packaging and logistics concepts according to the client’s wishes and suitability expediency
         +  Both domestic & international shipping
         +  Environmentally responsible single-use or environmentally friendly re-usable packaging
         +  Labeling of the product with laser, and carrier with barcodes to help with product identification and traceability
         +  Send to customer specified warehouse on time

    Aftersales service

         +  Quality guarantee
         +  Disassembly and analysis of returned parts
         +  Delivery of assembly and spare parts kits

    Germany technology

         +  Strong and various support from our German partner: Klubert + Schmidt GmbH
         +  Leading development trend from European market
         +  Advanced technology from European company
         +  Proven technique for Euro VI standard
         +  Know-how transfer
         +  Personnel support, e.g. technique expert
         +  Advanced management skills

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